I was lucky enough to experience a childhood where you play and live freely in a natural setting. A place where a true human being is supposed to live, far from the busy and bustling city. It’s too good to be true to live in a natural beautiful setting. Although, I doubt this will last. Everyone matures, moves on, have their own families, in the land of opportunities, the cities.

When Rural Living Was Simple But Not So Easy

I was raised on a rural landscape where mountains and rivers had been my playground. The insects, grasses and trees were my closest friends. As a free child, I was able to explore and immerse in a beautiful innocent world disconnected from the realms of reality. I was grateful having parents who are willful enough and worry-free. They allow me and my siblings to roam around the countryside. In this huge scenic playground, I learned to be more compassionate, altruist and empathetic. I was closer to the animals who also used to be my playmates. People at the farmlands care for one another and help one another. At times of simple and in dire needs, lending money or borrowing of equipment from a neighbor to the point where they almost share everything.

Despite the beauty of my countryside where farming is the only way of living, having a simple farming lifestyle has never been an option for most. I cannot deny that everyone grows, experience financial hardships and get on with each of their lives. Farming has never been a sustainable livelihood to many. So everyone has to search for better opportunities to sustain their needs and their families’.

When Moving To The City Thought To Be Life Changing

Everyone can relate to the struggle of living in a fast pace urban lifestyle. Before, the beautiful landscapes used to be your morning stroll.

Right after graduation, I worked at a huge company situated in a suburban location not far from Manila. The place felt relatable where you can see the rural scene surrounding the subdivisions. As you travel towards the central district, a few kilometers away from where I stay, blocks of manufacturing complex gradually become visible one by one. For 3 years, this has become my daily morning breakfast as I go to work.

Late night sleep due to restless shifts, waking up groggy taking a bath with a heavy body and even struggling to get a comfortable commute to work. Doing the same thing every morning everyday, doing the same routine every morning everyday has been a dilemma. It seems like my body already have its mind of its own, without having the brain tell it to do. I felt I was one of the machines I worked with for more than 3 years. During these moments, I started to doubt myself if this was the life I’ve been wanting for myself.

When You Feel Lost But Still Hopeful

As a child, I had some clear aspirations of who would I see myself in the future. Slowly, it gradually fades as I see reality. It’s just hard sometimes to think that society dictates what you will become, that there’s already a place that’s allocated for you only if you follow the path of the many. I’ve come to realize that there’s a way to take a steering wheel and go to a place you deserve, a life you deserve to live.

I’ve got saturated at some point in my life, especially when things didn’t go the way I expect it. The present moment I am right now is not what I expect it would felt a long time ago before I dream of it. Though, I’m still hopeful for better days where I come back home to my province more often, stay in my room all day, sitting by the window, elaborating my thoughts, writing anything I could think of and see once again the scenic landscape where I was once young, wild and free.