Fundamentals v1.6-01Fundamentals v1.6 oblique-02Schematics v1.4-01Schematics v1.4 oblique-03_1TinkrPostr 2IN1 v1.2 Outlined Preview-012_in_1_feature_preview-01

Download All: TinkrPostr Fundamentals, Schematics and 2-IN-1

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Do you want to print the posters using your own printer. Download the TinkrPostr Fundamentals, Schematics and 2-IN-1 and print them as many as you want.

Check out the product pages of the actual posters for details:

TinkrPostr Fundamentals

TinkrPostr Schematics

TinkrPostr 2-IN-1

You may also want to view the project page:

TinkrPostr Project Page

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TinkrPostr Fundamentals, TinkrPostr Schematics, TinkrPostr 2-IN-1

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18″ x 24″ for Fundamentals and Schematics, 24″ x 36″ for 2-IN-1