Johnny Air Padala Website Redesign Concept

Johnny Air Padala is a forwarding service from the US to the Philippines. This is one of my favorite service that I’ve used for a long time. Despite their reliability and credibility they have a major flaw in the way they are doing business with their customers, its their website experience.

Here’s the problem, every transaction is still done through email despite they have a website which is its sole purpose is to provide an email to where they should send their requests and concerns. They have not invested in the power of information technology yet and I believe they are loosing their potential. Their major competitor, LBC has done an incredible job in improving the user experience in their website where every interaction is done through their site. Johnny Air will going to loose their customers from their competitors if they will not do anything about it. Here’s the link to their website.

I took an initiative to recreate their main page as an example of how they could improve the user experience on their site.

Project Type
  • UX/UI Design


  • Self-initiated project
Design Method
  • Designer as user perspective
  • Wireframing


Tools Used
  • Hand Sketching
  • Adobe Illustrator

Dashboards as Critical Interface Between Company and Customers

Customers’ main goal is to make sure that they get their items on time or even ahead of time. They are anxious about their items especially if it was their first time using a forwarding service. Expensive items would even make them more nervous as customers might think it will get lost along the way. We need to keep the customers informed about the current status of their items.

A dashboard could be a critical interface between the company and the customer in minimizing their anxieties and doubts. Customers may be able to track the current status, location and expected date of delivery of their items at just a glance in their personal dashboards.


Action Summary

This section provides the most urgent and important actions the user should take. Priority tasks are indicated here to give the user ability to take in control of his packages.


Quick Overview

This would be useful for users who have multiple packages, taking a peek at the status of all of the orders.


Quick Tracking

This is the anxiety reliever for the user in a quicker way. It provides a sneak peek of the current status of the orders.

Detailed Tracking

The detailed tracking gives full power to the user of the current status of the orders. It provides the current location, item descriptions, expected date of arrival and the options to edit, consolidate or report missing items.


Consolidation: a Great Service Feature

A great feature for users who wanted to save up shipping fee on multiple items. Johnny Air consolidates your incoming multiple items even they come from different stores in the US. You pick them up in a single package when it arrive to you.

Design Inspiration

The idea of making my own design version of their site was due to the love-hate relationship with Johnny Air. I’ve been using their service for the past 5 years until recently I used their consolidation service which it didn’t end up very well. Due to miscommunication brought by an email-dependent system, I ended up a very huge bill for a group of items to my realizations that my items weren’t consolidated. It really got my nerve and ended me redesigning their site for good.


Using a paper and pen, I pour out all my idea basing from both a user and designer perspective. I am user myself so it did help a lot getting to know the problems and what solution must be taken place.