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Re-illustrating The Circuit Schematic Symbols

Schematic symbols are essential in representing physical electronic components and elements into a drawing or illustration. They help us keep visualized on our ideas to form and design a circuit. They also helps us in analyzing and debugging circuits whenever we stumbled on issues regarding circuit structures.

This is my personal approach on how I view circuits, very fancy. Not relevant on their real purpose though, it’s just my own expression of viewing things.

I love to sketch circuits when I’ve got some things to sort out on some of my projects. As a result, I’ve just made my very own version of schematic symbols using Adobe Illustrator. Feel free to take a look:

Schematics as Icons v1.0-01

These would be desirable on apps and presentations. I’m planning to use this for future projects in case I need to present circuits in a different way. It would be interesting to see this in designing your circuits and show them in a more presentable way. Although, CAD softwares such as Eagle, Cadence, etc. are still preferable in designing circuit schematics.