Internet of things or IoT is one of the latest trends in technology creating a buzz in the tech world. But what is IoT anyway? According to Wikipedia,

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects or “things” embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity, which enables these objects to collect and exchange data.

It emphasizes on simple things around us. It might be your appliances, your bag, your window, even your pet cat having embedded electronics attached or within it, connected to a network or the worldwide web. This has been a new form of technology genre but not very new that had existed a few years ago with the development of cheap microcontrollers and sensing components. The internet of things could just only a new collective term. With the help of new advances in embedded systems and wireless technologies, internet of things has become one of the most amazing and coolest thing we can ever imagine.

There are many ways to get started in IoT through tutorials, videos, online courses and building your own project. There are incredible projects around the internet you can try or improve that deserves to be mentioned and shared du to its ingenuity, creativeness and helpfulness. Everyone might want to get started. Take a look at the top selections to get started into the world of IoTs:

1. Learn the Basic Concept

According to Elon Musk, one of the founders PayPal, Tesla Motors and SpaceX, the reason why he learns so fast its because he grasps the basic concept first before diving on the difficult ones. Like a tree, you have to start from the roots and follow it’s branches. If you have really want to grasp the basic ideas, here’s a great tutorial from Instructables.

Image from Instructable tutorial on basic IoT

2. Read a good book

Stepping up to the next level, here’s a handy guide book that will bring you a more intuitive and detailed approach.

Getting Started with Internet of Things

3. Get to know Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a very popular learning tool for IoT. With a carboard sized computer, its main goal is to teach basic computer skills to anyone, specially in schools. Hobbyists, engineers and even grade schoolers use this mainstraim microcontroller.

Raspberry Pi is one of the most popular tool for learning

4. Take an online course

Coursera has a very specialized and comprehensive set of courses for IoT. It is a specialization course with 5 sub-courses, 1 capstone project. It can give you a more comprehensive and detailed learning experience. I, myself plans to take the course which you can take and accomplish at anytime.

Specialize IoT by taking an online course through Coursera

5. Learn electronics interfacing

Being knowledgeable in interfacing devices with the outside world is crucial in the world of IoTs. Through this online course from eDx, you will learn the essential knowledge in electronics for you to build your own systems using a microcontroller. Theories can overwhelm you. The important thing is that they must prove how they come up with a certain idea and how you will able to use these ideas in developing your own projects.

6. Learn from tutorials and build

Sparkfun has a great learning resource library where you can learn from basic electronics even up to step-by-step PCB design which I even find it very useful. They also have some great learning tools and kits for you to buy and build your own projects.

Learn through Sparkfun's tutorials and build projects

Learn through Sparkfun’s tutorials and build projects

7. Go to workshops

Nothing beats an interaction with an actual presence of a speaker that guides you all the way. It’s also great to ask questions while doing hands on exercises to help you understand the topic further, especially those technical ones.

Workshops on IoT. Image from

8. Know the latest trends and insights

Aside from learning electronics and creating your own projects, you may also have some ideas on the latest trends and insights on the world of IoTs. Here are the 17 Mind Blowing Internet of Things Facts everyone Should Learn

Wearable tech is one of the most popular trends in the world of IoT. Image from

Internet of things has been trending recently but precautions must still be observed when we come up with a new technology. A great insight from TopTal, Are We Creating An Insecure Internet of Things (IoT)? Security Challenges and Concerns where they tackle the strengths and pitfalls in the field of IOT.

To summarize, there are incredibly tons of ways in learning internet of things. Listed above are only a few of my picks. Now that you have the fundamental resources, it’s time to learn, build and discover the vast field of IoT. I really hope you find this post useful. Check out more of my latest posts, receive latest updates, trending topics, and get cool freebies when you subscribe. Let’s keep in touch!