I’ve made a series of quick reference posters in building basic electronics projects. I’d want to make visual materials accessible, easier and presentable for everyone especially for beginners. I hope someone would find them interesting and useful.

Why Make a Reference Poster?

Posters are some of the most convenient and accessible way of showing and acquiring information. I always find it hard to remember and memorize component pin-outs, shortcuts and codes even those which are extremely basic. Scanning books and notes consumes a bit of time. I, myself prefer to sketch/print and post them in front of my work desk to always recall them and retain my learning. This was started in college where I’ve also managed to work part-time for as home-based freelance illustrator and graphic designer. My passion for electronics and illustrations are the two skills that helped me come up with this simple reference project. Take a closer look at the posters and what I’ve included.

Fundamentals Reference Poster

Ohm’s Law – Resistor Color Coding – Capacitor Color Coding – American Wire Gauge (AWG) – Diodes and Transistors – Electrical Units – Metric Prefixes – SMDs (Surface Mount Devices) – Basic LM78XX Regulator – Common Opamps – 555 IC Pinouts

Fundamentals v1.6 oblique-01
Hanged Poster Mockup_fundamentals
Fundamentals v1.6-02

Schematics Reference Poster

Sources / Ground Symbols – Resistor Symbols – Capacitor Symbols – Inductor Symbols – Meter Symbols – Electromechanical Devices – Diode Symbols – Transistor Symbols – Logic Symbols – Miscellaneous Symbols

Schematics v1.4-01
Schematics v1.4 oblique-01
Schematics v1.4-02


This project was also funded in Indiegogo. It didn’t reached the goal, but still happy to produce more. 🙂 Just place your order and let’s get it fulfilled and delivered.