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Calaguas Island Adventure: Expectations and Experiences Worth Sharing

Calaguas Island, I’ve been hearing about this paradise lately, looking at those beautiful images of my friends’ experiences on Facebook makes me drool to see and take a bite at this stunning beach. Until one of my friends mentioned their plans to visit this island which is increasingly getting popular. So I said, yeah let’s do it and the rest was history.

Where is Calaguas Island?

So basically, Calaguas was actually a group of islands in the Camarines Norte province under the municipalities of Vinzons and Paracale. These islands face the vast Pacific ocean. Imagine this kind of vast Pacific ocean which covers almost half of the world is like thinking Calaguas is at the edge of the world. Wooh!

How to Get There?

calaguas island trekking on the bridge and a huge tree from afarWe actually took a travel and tours agency. They provided almost everything from transportation, food and tents. If you plan to have a DIY travel you might not probably enjoy that much because you have to worry everything you need beforehand. Perhaps, the agency’s service is at a reasonable price so why not grab their cheap offers.

A coordinator from the agency, who also facilitate our stay in Calaguas picked us up in SM Mall of Asia through a van. It’s a popular meetup point by the way. Basically, you just have to travel going to Bicol. Before arriving an intersection somewhere in the Quezon-Bicol boundary either going to Camarines Norte or Camarines Sur, you have to take a left going to Camarines Norte. Then find your way going to the town proper of Paracale where you will take a boat going to Calaguas. That’s it!

Itinerary: Activities

Here’s our small itinerary of our trip with my pals going to Calaguas. This was a 2-days 1-night experience:

Day 1

11PM – 7AM

We traveled by van from Manila going to Paracale, Camarines Norte. Travel time is about 8 hours. Arriving at the port, we had breakfast first before riding a boat going to Calaguas.

7AM – 9AM

We took a boat from Paracale port going to Calaguas island. At the time of travel, waves are so high our heads were spinning. So prepare for this kind of situations.

9AM – 3PM

This is the thing I am always excited about when I visit any beach, swimming! We also had fun playing frisbee, volleyball and building sand castles like what we did when we were children. We also played card games when we’ve used up all our energies. We also enjoyed our free lunch prepared by our coordinators.

3PM – 6PM

We let the sun settle quite a bit to avoid intense sunburn before trekking the hills of Calaguas. So beautiful views, you’d totally be mesmerized.

6PM – 11PM

We had dinner with other co-travelers. After that, we had some shots of rum we bought locally. We roamed the shore that night too just to make ourselves tired enough before going to sleep. We even saw some tiny glowing objects on the sand. It was actually amazing to see and wonder. We went back to our cottage and tents and bid a goodnight sleep.

Day 2

7AM – 12AM

Snorkeling was also another main event but unfortunately, due to a bad weather condition, our coordinators decided to opt out the activity. How sad? Instead, we had spent our time enjoying every moment left. We decided to swim and played volleyball the rest of the day.

12AM – 2PM

Going back from Calaguas to Paracale port is another head-spinning experience.

2PM – 3PM

We had a shower first what we called “banlaw” and had lunch before going back to Manila

3PM – 11PM

We bound from Paracale, Camarines Norte going to Manila. We arrived at Manila the same hour we left the day before. Pretty cool huh.

What to Experience?

White Sand Beach

The sand was so pure, when I lay down I feel so secure.

The white sand beaches are comparative to that of Kalanggaman Islands in Leyte. It’s pure, white and very fine. Playing the sand is very easy to handle as well. Building castles wouldn’t be as hard as you can imagine. It perfectly blends with the turquoise waters of Calaguas.

calaguas island beach with some vendor and some shrubs along the shore

calaguas island with some chopped trees and view of the beach

Turquoise Tinted Waters

calaguas island with some sidewalk vendor and their stallsOne thing you’ll notice is the color of the waters. It’s really unique compared to other beaches as what I observed. The color is turquoise and as translucent as a gem. My eyes were so refreshed by just staring at the beach all day long.

I was also amazed experiencing the extreme differences of temperatures. It was surprising the moment you soak your feet on the waters, it was ice cold while the beach’s surface is as hot as newly brewed coffee. This freaked us out quite a bit.


Trekking was part of the activities I never thought we would do since I was thinking that Calaguas was only a small island which isn’t true. There was a small community on the other side of the island and a few hills to trek around. You would meet locals doing their daily chores, some of them even riding a bike while some of them were just hanging around.

It was great to see the local culture and their way of living given their environment and the resources they have.

calaguas island trekking with a mysterious tree in the afternoon

calaguas island and a goat at the top of the hill


Scenic Views

We trekked along some of the hills on the island and they’re majestic. The hills were full of wild tall grasses dancing along with the wind. I haven’t visited Batanes yet, I assume they were comparatively the same given the photos I’ve seen. You can see far from the hills that there was a part of the island facing the Pacific and there were some huge waves along the coast. I wish we also experienced surfing which I never did before.

calaguas island majestic view on the other side

calaguas island selfies with group
I was lucky to witness a behind the scene of an upcoming teleserye, or are they really? Ehemm.. sorry my bad

How Much Have I Spent?

Solo vs Group Travel

If you’re going with a group the cost would be much cheaper and you’d only have to pay at around Php2,500 to Php3,000. Solo travel would probably cost you more at around Php3,000 to Php4,000. I would advise that you’d take group packages if you want to cut down the cost significantly.

Overall Experience

I hope the info I provided is essential to help you decide whether you take Calaguas as your next vacation trip.

Calaguas was truly one of a kind. I’d be lucky enough to find other gems such as this place, a turquoise gem. I hope to see more variety of precious beaches like sapphires, emeralds and other gems, perhaps? I would definitely recommend visiting Calaguas for those seeking adventure and wanderlust experiences.

If every you’ve decided, enjoy and have fun! Bon voyage! 🙂

Look at this folks on how they really enjoyed their stay in Calaguas. Can’t get rid of their smiles. 🙂 🙂 🙂