About Joseph

Hi! I’m Joseph Ricafort and I love to express my thoughts and ideas about society, culture and technology through visualizations, interactions and experiences.

I finished my degree as an electronics engineer and taught myself graphic design as well, which had greatly helped me finance my studies. I’m currently working as a full-time hardware engineer and this blog serves as my exhaust to my inner creative soul. Balancing my rational and imaginative perspectives help me cope up with life.

I enjoy games like Civilization, City Skylines, the Sims and alike. These games allow me to freely sketch the ideal societies and communities I have in mind. As a daydreamer, I always caught myself afloat, thinking about ideas and simulating endless possibilities about what’s ahead of our society? I always enjoy meaningful and deep conversations with someone who has enabled themselves openly the same way as I do.

I grew up in a rural farm in the Philippines where I lived fully my younger days as a free child. I grew up with nature, playing in the woods with my siblings, swimming in the river with friends and hiking in the mountains flying kites. I’ve never felt more human during those days.

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