Hi, I’m Joseph Ricafort. I have a greater passion for design, culture and technology. Glad to see you around! 🙂

Joseph, not José, right?

The moment you realize your domain name was taken by someone because you forgot to pay dues in a matter of a few days. *Sigh* José is easier to pronounce though but Joseph’s better I guess.

Hardware and Software

Designing embedded systems for a social cause would make the world even better. Applications in the creative field would even make it more meaningful.


Geometry and visuals are like apples and sausages to me. Infographics are my forte. Keeping an eye on the fields of product design.

Travel & Culture

I never took off from the islands of the Philippines and doing it is in my wishlist. Curious with Philippine culture, dances and the arts. Studying Spanish at spare time.


I grew up in a simple but meaningful farmer’s life with a wonderful family in a rural area in the Philippines. Graduated electronics engineering and became exposed to the complexities of society’s goals towards endless progress. Torn between the ideals of preservation and technological advancement.

Other Interests

#Tennis, #SustainableLiving, #InternetofThings #PetChicken #SpanishLanguage #SmartAgriculture, #StrategyGames, #LanguageLearning, #Travel, #IndieGames #CivGamer #Cats #PhilippineCulture

Taken at a Lighthouse in Cape Bolinao Lighthouse at Bolinao, Pangasinan, Philippines

Hi, Joseph here! Glad to see you around!

Contact: me@josericafort.com