Hi! I’m Joseph Ricafort and I design and develop for information and interaction

I design and develop data visualizations, infographics and maps. Allow me to guide you on how to use the power of visuals to engage with your audience, simplify complex information and create beautiful experiences.

Tell Great Stories With Visualized Data

Great stories are told when it’s factual and supported with compelling visuals. It delivers more impact and meaning to stories that attract and engage new and existing audiences.

Convey Immediate Information

Complex sets of data and information made simpler, digestible for common information consumers or for expert analysts alike. Minimize the time it would take your readers to find the information they really need.

Share Beautiful Experiences

Great experiences are designed from the eyes of your audience. Not only aesthetically or interactively, but a better understanding of your users could provide a even better reader experience.

Case Studies

Below are some self-initiated and client made projects that presents challenging design problems and how they were solved

Design Scope

Design problems I specialize that I can help you with

Data Visualization

Finding meaning through organized and interactive visual data

Infographics & Illustrations

Static visual information in the form of infographics and illustrations

Interaction (Soon!)

Designing interactions that provides a better experience to your users

Maps and Geographies

Help readers navigate or visualize geographical information

Ready to get started?

Let’s discuss more about your design problems. Leave a message or contact me.

I’ll keep in touch! 🙂

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